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Provide a high level of customer service and a high level of training techniques to suit each client individually. Constant monitoring of all client programs to keep them on track on their journey to maintain steady progression in order to achieving their goals. Offering huge range of services to a broad range of population in the community.

  • Strength and Conditioning to Athletes through specific training for their chosen sports.
  • Functional Fitness for anyone from Homer Simpson to Superman to improve quality of life.
  • Specializing in postural alignment through training techniques using the TRAIN WHAT’S WEAK AND STRETCH WHAT’S SORE principals.
  • Rehabilitation for injuries with high level of care following strict work health safety regulations with emphasis on, Smart Principals.
    • Small
    • Measured
    • Achievable
    • Realistic
    • Time-based
  • Providing a high level of boxing / kickboxing training for the serious boxer / Kick boxer.
  • Boxing combo classes with fun friendly atmosphere.
  • Pre and Post strengthening for Pregnancy, pelvic floor and core conditioning.
  • Specialising in High intensity interval training and Body Building.
  • Full body TRX training coinciding with calisthenics conditioning.

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